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Are there laws protecting those in public schools?

In New Jersey, teachers have certain rights in public school systems that are granted to them through the constitution; however, teachers working in public schools do not have these rights. Since public schools are public property, they must abide by these laws.

What rights does this give to teachers?

Teachers that are tenured in public schools have the right to due process. When teachers are tenured, it means that they have a certain amount of rights that protect them from being fired or having their salary tampered with. Also, these teachers cannot be fired for personal or political reasons. They are protected from being punished irrationally through penalties such as a salary reduction or a demotion. If you have received a notice of termination as a teacher, you have the right to question the circumstances. Through this call to action, you have the right to a hearing session, which can further explain the reasoning. This process can provide teachers with the proper reason for their termination instead of being blind-sided.

If tenure has not been granted to you yet, there are still rules in place that can protect you as a teacher. There are time restrictions in effect before a school can deny renewal of a contract. If the school fails to follow these time restrictions, then you can be automatically renewed as a teacher. With your role as a teacher, you have the right to acquire a written explanation for your termination. This includes the right to ask for a hearing in front of the school board where you can present your case and try to prove that the administration made a mistake by firing you. When these situations arise, it is best to consult a legal professional for help. Our attorneys can assist you in building a case and proving your importance as a teacher at that school.

Teachers also have a right to bring an action to court. This is an opportunity to present your case to a judge and show them what you believe to be any unreasonable treatment from the school’s administration. In order to get the best outcome for your case, consult an attorney first. Teachers have the right to be represented in these cases. Professional attorneys may help present your case.

If you happen to be a student in a school, you also have rights that are protected. To learn more about them, contact our professional attorneys for legal counsel. We can also help special needs students by protecting their rights with our best efforts. Students should also not have to worry about being improperly treated when they are trying to learn in an educational environment.

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