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President Biden Looking to Rescind Trump-Era Immigration Restrictions

As you know, the Trump Presidency spent a great deal of time and effort to restrict illegal immigration here in the United States, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the more notable actions that the Trump Administration took came back in April of 2020, wherein Mr. Trump issued an executive order that put a stop to immigration for at least 60 days. From here, Mr. Trump extended the halt on immigration again in June of 2020, citing job loss in the United States as the primary reason for the extension. As a result, in June, Mr. Trump incorporated those who were seeking work-related visas. Even in Mr. Trump’s final month in office, he extended the halt on immigration for another three weeks. It seems that now, President Biden is set to reverse all of that. Reportedly, President Biden is looking to sign an executive order rescinding all immigration-related restrictions instated by Mr. Trump, opening up the possibility of immigration into the United States for many undocumented immigrants.

In a recorded virtual meeting, the deputy director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Esther Olavarria, said that the executive order “would rescind the Trump proclamations that precluded the admission of immigrants and non-immigrants either deemed to be a financial burden on our health care system or deemed to present a risk to U.S. labor markets.”

That being said, you should note that as of now, this executive order has yet to be signed, however, there is a very good chance that we will be receiving more information from the Biden Administration regarding the proposed executive order very soon. Once we receive this information, we will keep you updated as well. If you have any additional questions regarding the potential executive order and how it may affect you, or you have any other immigration-related questions, please do not hesitate to speak with our knowledgeable New Jersey immigration attorney today. Our firm is always here to assist those in need.

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