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What is the Student and Exchange Visitor Progam?

The Department of Homeland Security has implemented a program known as the Student and Exchanged Visitor Program that allows nonimmigrant students and exchange students to pursue academics in the United States. The visas are broken down into categories that separate between students and exchange visitors.

Foreign nationals who wish to come to the United States on a temporary basis will have to identify their reason for coming in order to determine which type of visa they will be eligible for. Those students that are coming to the United States to attend an SEVP-approved school for a full academic program will apply for an F-1 nonimmigrant visa. If this person has a foreign national spouse or child that also wishes to come to the United States while they pursue their academic career, their family will apply for an F-2 visa.

If a foreign national is pursuing a full course of study at a nonacademic institution such as a vocational school that has been approved by SEVP, they will apply for an M-1 nonimmigrant visa. The spouse or child of this foreign national will be able to apply for an M-2 nonimmigrant visa if they plan to come to the United States as well.

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program also has an Information System (SEVIS) that monitors the participants when they come to the United States. The information system aims to ensure the integrity of SEVP-approved schools and wants to make sure the educational programs are properly keeping records about their exchange programs.

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