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U.S. Citizenship Certificates Are Redesigned

This week, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that beginning on June 5, 2018, all of the citizenship and naturalization certificates that are issued will be redesigned in an effort to combat fraud. The decision was made after a pilot program that took place several months ago in Norfolk, Tampa, Minneapolis, and Sacramento to test whether the design should be implemented for all future certificates.

The certificates that are impacted by the redesign include the following for both naturalization or citizenship:

  • N-550, which is issued to an individual who obtains U.S. citizenship by successfully completing the naturalization process;
  • N-578, which is issued to a U.S. citizen that has already been naturalized so they can obtain recognition as a United States citizen by a foreign state; and
  • N-570, which is issued when the individual’s original Certificate of Naturalization is lost, mutilated, or contains errors.
  • N-560A, which is issued to an applicant who obtained their U.S. citizenship after birth;
  • N-560AB, which is issued to an applicant who obtained their U.S. citizenship at birth;
  • N-645 and N-645A, which is issued to the family of an individual who served honorably in the U.S. military during a period of hostility and died as a result of service.
  • Form N-561, which is issued to replace a Certificate of Citizenship when the individual’s original certificate is misplaced, mutilated, or is otherwise incorrect.

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