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What Do I Do if My Green Card Is Set to Expire?

Once the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services grants you a green card, you must note its disclosed expiration date. This is because you do not want this date to roll around without taking the proper actions to update it. Ultimately, you do not want to jeopardize your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reside in the United States legally. Follow along to find out what to do if your green card is set to expire and how a proficient Lyndhurst green card immigration lawyer at the Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta can work to ensure you avoid any trouble with the USCIS.

Why do green cards expire?

Since your green card indicates that you are a lawful permanent resident of the United States, you may be confused as to why it is a temporary card set to expire every 10 years. Well, it is the same way that United States citizens have passports set to expire every 10 years. That is, the USCIS finds it necessary to keep your green card up-to-date to confirm your ability to travel to and from the United States and your eligibility to work for a United States employer.

What action should I take if my green card is set to expire?

The USCIS wishes you to keep your green card up-to-date by filing Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. It is ideal if you file this form within six months of your green card’s expiration date. What’s more, you must include a copy of your soon-to-be expired green card and a $465 filing fee. To ensure no stone is left unturned, it is in your best interest to allow a lawyer to help you fill out this form.

What are the consequences if I do not legally renew my green card?

Of note, failing to renew your green card may not necessarily mean you lose your permanent resident status in the United States. But it may suggest you encounter complications during your stay in the country.

For example, you may have difficulty obtaining a job from a United States employer. An employer may not accept your expired green card to fulfill your Form I-9 identification and permission requirements. However, say that you already filed Form I-90 and are awaiting a response. Well, you may receive Form I-797C, Notice of Action a few weeks after your submission. Therefore, you may present Form I-797C alongside your expired green card to your prospective employer.

Secondly, you may experience difficulty reentering the United States. This is because United States law requires airlines to check for proof of permanent residence before boarding, and many airlines do not accept an expired green card as valid proof. To rectify this, you may need to fill out Form I-131A, Application for Carrier Documentation, and submit it in person at the nearest United States embassy or consular office. This may cause minor delays in your travel plans.

To allow for the best outcome to be reached, you may retain the services of one of the talented lawyers from our Lyndhurst family & individual immigration law firm. Contact the Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta today.