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What is consular processing?

When a person decides that they want to become a permanent resident of the United States, they will have to determine which way they would like to go about that. There are two ways to become a permanent resident and obtain a Green Card. One of those ways is to apply for an adjustment of status. The other option is to go through consular processing. This means that you will apply for the permanent resident status while you are still abroad in your home country. You will be required to determine what category will make you eligible to come to the United States as a permanent resident. These categories include immigrating for purposes of employment, family, asylum, and a few other options including special circumstances or humanitarian causes.

Determining what the reason for your immigration is can help you figure out what type of petition you will need to file. After filing your petition, there are a number of other steps that must be taken. There is a waiting period in between when you file your petition and when it is either approved or denied by the USCIS. You will be required to go to an appointment to discuss your application so they can determine your eligibility. Upon your arrival to the United States when your Green Card has been approved, you will have to give customs the packet you were sent by the National Visa Center.

If you have any questions regarding what to expect in consular processing, you should speak with an experienced immigration attorney who can guide you through the steps required to become a permanent resident. They can help you determine what types of petition to file, among other things.

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