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Some applications may require interviews

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced that beginning on October 1, certain applicant categories will have to attend an in-person interview throughout the process of obtaining permanent resident status. Individuals who will be required to attend an in person interview are those applying for an adjustment of status because of employment and those who are relatives of refugees/asylees petitioning to come to the United States.

The USCIS stated that in the future, other groups of individuals will also have to go through an in-person interview as well. They will likely take some time to be implemented amongst the different reasons for applying to become a permanent resident. The change is taking place as a result of President Trump’s Executive Order called “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.” USCIS states that it is also part of their agency’s plan . to prevent immigration fraud and strengthen the country’s immigration system as a whole.

After these individuals go through the in-person immigration interview process and complete the other steps of the application process, they may become permanent residents of the United States upon application acceptance.  If you have questions about whether you will be subject to scheduling an in-person interview for your permanent residency application, contact an experienced immigration attorney today who can provide you with assistance.

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