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Those who wish to enter the United States to temporarily work need to acquire a visa in order to do so. A temporary worker visa will allow an individual to take employment in the country for a limited capacity and for a limited period of time. Though some temporary visas will allow a person to work for any employer. Others limit the applicant to one employer, enterprise, or company. Each visa comes with specific requirements. If the visa is for an employee, the employer will most likely have to file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services on the applicant’s behalf. If the petition is approved, the employee can file for one of many visas. Knowing which visa is applicable to one’s circumstances takes the advice of a knowledgeable and skilled immigration attorney. To find out more or to retain guidance through the process, contact Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta, LLC.

What types of work visas are available?

There are many visas that apply to workers. The H-1B visa is for specialty workers and fashion models. The H-1C visa is saved for registered nurses. The H-2A visa is for agricultural workers. The H-2B visa applies to non-agricultural workers. H-3 visas are for trainees and special education visitors. An I-1 visa is for foreign media. L visas are for intracompany transferees for either executive or managerial positions or individuals with specialized knowledge. An O visa is for a person with extraordinary ability or achievements in a certain field. P-1 visas apply to athletes and entertainers that come to perform. A P-2 visa is for an artist or entertainer that come to perform as part of an exchange program. Similarly, a P-3 visa is also for an artist or entertainer but saved for individuals that are here to perform, teach or coach under a program that is culturally unique. Q-1 visas are for individuals that participate in an international cultural exchange program. With so many options available to those who wish to enter the United States on temporary work visas, it is important to discuss your matter with a U.S. immigration attorney.

Petition approval and labor certification

In many cases, the Department of Labor must provide a labor certificate to approve the application before the petition for a nonimmigrant worker. Some temporary worker visa categories are limited to a certain number of approved petitions each year, depending on the type of work.


Once the petition (I-129) is approved, the temporary worker can apply for a visa. The USCIS will send the employer a form I-757, a Notice of Action. There are quite a few steps and their order depends on the specific embassy and consulate of the applicant. In most cases, you will be subject to an interview where the consular officer determines if you qualify for a visa. At this meeting, you will be asked to provide documents that support your claim to a visa, including a passport, a visa application confirmation page, application fee payment receipt, a receipt number for your I-129 or I-757, and if you are in an L blanket petition, you must provide the Form I-129S.

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There are many choices available to people who need to enter the United States temporarily for work. If you are one of many people who need to secure employment within the United States, it is important to consider your options. Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta, LLC has over 20 years of experience handling all immigration matters for employers and employees here and abroad. If you need quality legal services from an effective attorney, contact Salvatore A. Falletta, LLC.