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rings-877936_960_720If a citizen of the United States is engaged to a non-citizen, they may wish to apply for a fiancé visa to change the immigration status of their loved one. They need to apply for a K-1 visa in order to marry and for their spouse to live in the country. According to federal law, if a person is granted a K-1 visa, the couple will have to marry within 90 days of the foreign fiancé’s entry to the United States. Failure to satisfy this rule would require the fiancé to leave within 30 days of the time provided. Once a couple is married, the foreign spouse can apply for an adjustment of status and start the process that will lead them on the path towards naturalization. The K-1 visa comes with many benefits and is an important tool for those who would like to start their life together. For the most part, K-1 visas come with little to no obstacles when the requirements are satisfied. Fiance visas are processed by the Immigrant Visa Section of the United States’ embassies and consulates across the globe. Though the process seems straightforward, it is document-heavy and needs legal guidance to avoid issues. If you need quality legal services regarding fiancé visas, contact Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta, LLC for a consultation today.


In order for a person to be eligible for a K-1 visa, the petitioner must be a U.S. citizen. If you are a U.S. citizen hoping to bring your fiancé into the country, you must demonstrate that you intend to marry within 90 days of his or her entry.  You must provide evidence that you have met your fiancé in person at least once within the two years prior to the filing unless the meeting would violate a long-established custom or the meeting would result in extreme hardship.

Some evidence you may need to provide

Immigration officials may scrutinize your arrangement. There are many instances of people abusing the system and the federal government tries its best to stop it. In order to appease immigration officials, it would be good to collect and preserve evidence of your relationship. If possible, be ready to provide photographs together, correspondence that spans the period of your relationship. If applicable, have evidence of any financial support or anything else that demonstrates a lasting a prominent relationship. In some cases, without this evidence, the petition could be subject to delay or even denial.

Other factors

Approval of a petition does not automatically mean that the visa will be granted. The foreign fiancé may be subjected to a medical exam and an interview that could impact their status. The process should take about 8 months to complete. Some of the major problems people face include incomplete applications and the failure to schedule the necessary appointments. In addition, the United States will conduct a criminal background check. While some crimes will simply delay the issuance of a visa, more egregious crimes will deny the application altogether. In order to ensure a speedy process and a smooth transition to the United States, you should contact an experienced immigration attorney to guide you.

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Whether you are a U.S. citizen that wishes to bring your fiancé to the United States to marry or the fiancé hoping to enter the U.S., you should contact Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta, LLC for quality legal support through the fiancé visa process. If you need a passionate attorney to assess your situation, guide you through your legal option, and effectively represent your family’s future, contact us for a consultation today.