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How can I obtain a visa through my US citizen fiancé?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services obtains requests every day from foreign nationals who want to come to the United States to live with their fiancé. In order to obtain a visa through your fiancé, you will have to meet certain qualifications. The USCIS is consistently working to fight against those who are committing marriage fraud to attempt to obtain a visa to make sure that those who are legitimately trying to obtain a fiancé visa can do so.

Your fiancé, the United States citizen, will be responsible for petitioning to bring you to the country on a visa. The fiancé petitioning for you must be able to prove that they are a U.S. citizen, the marriage will take place no later than 90 days after the foreign national fiancé enters the United States, and that neither party is still legally married to any other person. In addition, you must be able to prove that within two years prior to the date you filed your petition, you have met in person at least one time. The only way you can have this qualification waived is if there are strict social customs practiced regularly in the foreign national’s culture prevent you from doing so, or if attempting to meet would cause “extreme hardship” to the U.S. citizen.

It is important to note that if you are a foreign national already living in the United States legally, you do not have to go through the process of obtaining a fiancé visa and can continue living here on the visa you initially had.

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