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What Should I Know About A Fiancé Visa?

Often times my clients ask me how they can bring their fiancé to the United States. The process involves a U.S. citizen who has a fiancé living abroad to apply for a K-1 visa to enter the United States out of the U.S. Embassy. The requirements require that the U.S. citizen is legitimately free to marry. If they have been previously married, those marriages must be terminated in divorce or annulment or the death of the previous spouse, and the fiancé also must be free to marry. Most importantly, the fiancé and that U.S. citizen must have personally met each other at least once within the last two years in order to apply for the K-1 visa.

The initial process starts with a petition to the USCIS, and thereafter, upon approval, the case is transferred to the U.S. Embassy for processing of a K-1 visa. Once the visa is issued, the fiancé will be able to arrive in the United States. As long as the U.S. citizen and the fiancé marry within 90 days of their arrival, then the fiancé will be eligible to apply for their permanent resident status in the United States. If you and your fiancé do not marry within the 90-day timeframe, they will be required to return to their country of origin. If your fiancé has a child, that child may also be If you require assistance with a fiancé petition, please contact an experienced immigration attorney.

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