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Grants to aid in assimilation for new citizens

When a permanent resident has made the decision to go through the Naturalization process, they will have to take a few tests to complete everything. They will have to prove their proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English, as well as their knowledge of United States history and civics. Of course, this is understandably difficult for many people because learning English may not be their first language. Many people who are getting ready for the exams may wonder whether there are services that can help them.

The USCIS just announced that they will be offering grants to 46 organizations to assist them in their ability to provide services for those beginning the naturalization process. 36 of these organizations will offer both citizenship instruction as well as services that help people apply for naturalization. The remaining 10 organizations will be nonprofits that solely exist to provide prospective citizens with instruction on assimilation and knowledge of English and U.S. history and civics.

The USCIS will grant up to $10 million to these programs depending on what their needs are that will maximize the success for both the organizations and the individuals seeking assistance.

If you have questions about beginning the naturalization process, you may want to seek assistance through an organization that specializes in this or speak with your experienced immigration attorney today.

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