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Potential Changes to the Department of Homeland Securities’ Fair and Humane Public Charge Rule

Are you a non-citizen looking to access government benefits? Do you need health benefits? Are you trying to provide a better life for yourself and your family? Read more below to learn about upcoming changes to the public charge rule and contact our Lyndhurst Family & Individual Immigration Law Firm if think you could qualify to now receive benefits.

What is the fair and humane public charge rule?

Being a ”public charge” is a ground of inadmissibility. Grounds of inadmissibility are reasons that a person could be denied a green card, visa, or admission into the United States.

The changes to the rule would provide fair and humane treatment of non-citizens seeking citizenship in the United States. If passed, the ruling would grant non-citizens access to health benefits and other government benefits.

What would this change in our country?

The previous 2019 public charge rule caused many non-citizens to be fearful of accessing such programs. With that rule now gone, the Department of Homeland Security is trying to establish a new regulation. They are taking suggestions and comments from the public to improve this new rule.

They will change the wording from “likely at any time to become a public charge” to “likely to become primarily dependent on the government for subsistence”.

They will be taking other public benefits into consideration such as supplemental security income and cash assistance under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

Many categories of non-citizens are exempt from public charge grounds of inadmissibility anyway, so they would not be subjected to this proposed rule. These include: refugees, asylees, non-citizens applying for temporary protected status, immigrated juveniles, and others.

When does it go into effect?

The proposed rule will undergo a 60 day comment period, in which the public can voice any concerns they have over the proposal.

The fear of deportation or criminal penalties is scary as a non-citizen, especially if you are trying to provide for your family. Reach out to our Lyndhurst Naturalization Law Firm today to see what your options are for providing yourself and your family with a better life and brighter future as an American citizen.

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