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State Department May Require Social Media Checks For Visas

The Trump administration has made a number of changes to the United States’ immigration policy. One of these potential policy changes may require the State Department to take a look at the social media profiles, email addresses, and even phone numbers of people who are applying for a visa. The primary goal behind this additional step in the visa process is to further screen applicants to ensure national security from terrorist organizations.

This new policy would apply to roughly 0.5 percent or 65,000 people annually who are trying to obtain a visa to come to the United States. Though the State Department does not target specific countries in this proposal, they plan to apply the additional investigation to those who may have a connection to any organizations that would threaten national security or are coming from an area that is under control of a terrorist organization. There are also a few other pieces of information that may be required if the proposition goes through. These include requiring visa applicants to provide the State Department with a 15-year history of all social media handles, emails, and phone numbers. If any alarming content is found on the social media profiles, the applicant may not be accepted for a visa.

In addition to providing the Department of State with information regarding your internet presence, applicants may also have to give information about current and former spouses, siblings, and children. If you have any questions about how the changes in immigration policy may impact you, contact an experienced immigration attorney today.

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