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TN Status for Economists Clarified

An announcement came this week from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services giving some clarity on the specific work activities that should be considered for those who are applying for TN nonimmigrant status as an economist. The reason for this comes after inconsistencies were found in whether economic analysts and certain financial professions fall into the category of economists for TN status. The policy now states that any person requesting TN status as professional economists must partake in activities that align with only the profession of an economist. Therefore, other occupations that simply involve the field of economics are not eligible for TN status. Applicants that are not eligible to obtain TN status as an economist can include:

  • financial analysts
  • market research analysts
  • marketing analysts

Some of the duties of an economist that may be eligible for TN status are as follows:

  • collect and process economic data
  • collect an process statistical data using econometric methods
  • conduct research on economic problems or fiscal policy
  • prepare reports on fiscal policy
  • create plans to address issues in fiscal policy or economics

TN status is part of NAFTA, which allows citizens of Mexico and Canada to work in the United States on a temporary basis for certain professions. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, speak with an experienced immigration attorney today.

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