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What Are The Two Different Types Of Green Cards?

Often, my clients ask me what’s the difference between a 2-year Green Card and a 10-year Green Card, and sometimes they are very confused about why they have received a 2-year Green Card or some of their friends have received a 10-year Green Card. A 2-year Green Card is a conditional resident card, and in most cases, based on marriage, a conditional resident card is issued when the marriage that is the basis of the application is less than 2-years in duration when USCIS grants the Green Card status. Before your 2 years has finished, you may petition for your conditions to be removed in order to maintain your status as a permanent resident.

A 10-year Green Card is a permanent Green Card that is issued once the marriage is over 2-years in duration and there is no additional requirements on behalf of the applicants to prove the bona fides of their marriage. In addition to conditional residency due to a marriage, a person can also obtain conditional residency as an immigrant investor with an E-2 visa. The process to remove conditional residence is the application, the I-751 Petition, and must be filed within 90 days of the expiration of the card. Should you require assistance with the removal of conditional residence, please contact an immigration attorney.

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