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What is a U visa?

U visas are for individuals that have been a victim of a crime in the United States. Although they may be in a situation where they are not supposed to be in the country any longer, whether their status has expired or they have an undocumented status, a U visa can allow them to stay in the country. As a victim of a crime, they have information about the suspect that no one else has. If they are willing to cooperate with law enforcement to provide information about the criminal, they may be granted a U visa. Since victims are needed to assist the case and testify in court, a U visa will give them the ability to stay in the country to help with the case. A U visa may even be able to get this immigrant a permanent resident status in the United States later on. After three years of continuous presence in the United States, the U visa holder may be able to apply for permanent resident status. However, there is a limit on the number of U visas approved per year. Although there is a limit on this, there is not a limit for family members of the applicant. Family members can include spouses, children and possibly other family members.

What qualifies someone for this visa?

To gain access to a U visa, the individual must have been the victim of a violent crime that authorities need help with. Eligibility requirements for this visa have specifics to the crime that was committed. Individuals must be a victim of a qualifying crime and be able to assist law enforcement during the investigation of this particular crime. If they have suffered mental or physical abuse during the incident, this may give them more of a reason to stay in the country. By helping with the investigation, they can give themselves time to heal physically and work toward healing mentally and emotionally. The crime must have been committed in the United States and our country’s laws must have been broken for it to qualify.  it must have been committed in the U.S. and broken our country’s laws. These crimes can include domestic violence, kidnapping, manslaughter, murder, prostitution, rape, sexual assault and human trafficking. Due to the severity of these crimes, these victims are needed to provide evidence in order to prosecute the criminals to create a safer environment.

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