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What Should I Look for When Hiring an Immigration Attorney?

Selecting the right immigration attorney to represent you in front of a New Jersey court is crucial, and it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. With your immigration-related matters being extremely personal, your hired attorney should be fully prepared to assess your situation, guide you through your legal options, and do whatever is in your best interest. Continue reading to see how an experienced attorney at our Lyndhurst family & individual immigration law firm, the Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta, LLC, might be the best fit for you.

Is your hired attorney knowledgeable of immigration law?

Obviously, when conducting the hiring process, you should look for an attorney who focuses on immigration law. Such an attorney will ultimately bring the best defenses to the table when fighting for your case. This is because immigration cases require a specific set of skills, such as knowledge of laws pertaining to adjustment of status, different types of visas, etc.

Luckily, our legal team at the Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta, LLC has over 20 years of experience in helping clients get the compensation they rightfully deserve via winning immigration cases.

Is your hired attorney capable of answering your basic questions?

During your initial consultation, you should pay attention to how well your attorney is able to answer your basic questions regarding your upcoming case and provide you with certain potential outcomes for your case. An attorney can never guarantee anything, but your attorney should inform you of all possibilities.

This first conversation will give you a good idea of how knowledgeable they are in immigration law. But above all else, it will let you know if you can trust them. Trust is one of the most important factors in any attorney-client relationship. If you cannot trust your attorney, you most likely do not have the right attorney representing your case.

Rest assured, during our conversation with you, we will emphasize to you that we will update you at every turn, answer each of your questions, and will always fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Is your hired attorney strongly rated on Google?

Although it is commonly said that you should not trust everything you read online, in this case, a strong Google rating is a huge testament to an attorney’s ability. So, do your research before hiring an attorney, as this may serve as a window into their skills, knowledge, and experience in handling immigration cases.

Notably, the Law Offices of Salvatore A. Falletta, LLC retains a near-5-star rating on Google.

If an attorney does not possess any of the aforementioned qualities, do not hire them for your case. And if you are ready to employ a competent attorney, look no further than a Bergen County immigration attorney.

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