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What You Should Know About Travel Documents in the U.S.

When someone wishes to travel into the United States for a temporary period of time, they will have to obtain a type of temporary visa. There are various temporary travel documents available, and the one you qualify for largely depends on your situation. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced New Jersey immigration attorney to learn more about the various travel documents available to you, which is best for your circumstances, and how our firm can help you obtain one. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the short-stay visas in the U.S.?

Some examples of short-stay visas in the United States are:

  • Business visa: This gives foreign nationals permission to conduct business here in the U.S.
  • Working holiday visa: If you are traveling, this visa can help you get a temporary job in the United States.
  • Transit visa: These visas are for individuals who are stopping in the U.S. for a brief period of time on their way to their final destination.
  • Private visa: This is for those who are coming to the U.S. to privately visit another person.
  • Medical visa: These are for individuals who require special medical attention/diagnostics in the U.S.
  • Tourist visa: These are specifically for leisurely travel for a short period of time into the United States.
  • Athletic or artistic visa: You will try to get this visa if you are a competing athlete or a performing artist.
  • Cultural exchange visa: These are for artists or athletes who are participating in a cultural exchange program.

What long-stay visas are available?

If you are someone who is looking to stay in the United States for a longer (though still temporary) period of time, then you will look to obtain one of the following long-stay visas:

  • Refugee visa: These are for foreign nations who are looking to escape the threat of persecution, natural disaster, or any other life-threatening situation.
  • Temporary worker visa for approved employment: Such as the H-1B visa.
  • Journalist visa: For foreign national journalists reporting in the U.S.
  • Student visa: These are for foreign nationals who are looking to attend university in the United States.
  • Asylum visa: For those who are in fear of persecution for their race, religious beliefs, or affiliation with a political group.

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