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Can I obtain dual nationality?

When a person becomes a United States citizen, whether they immigrated here or were born here, they are also considered a U.S. national. However, some people want to know what their options are when it comes to obtaining dual nationality. When you have dual nationality, you are obligated to abide by the laws of both countries and must abide by the obligations they have to each country. It is important to be aware that these obligations may be conflicting and this may result in problems with one of the countries you hold nationality with.

If you want to obtain dual nationality, you will have to show your intent to keep your United States nationality. However, if you make a conflicting statement or display behavior that shows you would like to relinquish your U.S. nationality for the nationality of another country, you may lose U.S. nationality. You may find yourself in confusing legal trouble if you are obligated to do something for one country but it is considered illegal in the other country you have nationality with.

It is important that you make yourself aware of your obligations and the laws that exist in both countries if you should choose to become a dual national. In addition, some countries will allow you to obtain dual nationality if you have descendants of that country. For example, if one or both of your grandparents was born in Ireland but you were born in the United States, you are entitled to become an Irish citizen. Of course, it varies with each country.

If you have questions regarding the laws surrounding obtaining a dual nationality status, you should consult with an experienced immigration law attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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