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What Happens If I Get Caught In The U.S. Unlawfully?

Many people are very concerned if they are encountered by the U.S. Customs Enforcement Branch or ICE. Many people are worried that they will be arrested and taken away to their country immediately. In some cases that is true. If there is a prior deportation order or you’ve had your day in court and not complied with the requirements of the government, you can be deported and removed from the country.

Most people who have never had contact with U.S. ICE, do have the right to go before a U.S. immigration judge and have a day in court to present any and all applications for relief from their removal from the United States. These issues need to be discussed with an experienced immigration attorney to determine whether a person does have an application or a way of remaining in the United States.

There are several reasons that one would go through the removal process. First, a person who has come to the United States without any form of documentation. Another reason a person may be deported is because they were here on a visa but their visa expired. In the event that a person is here on a fiancé visa and they do not marry their fiancé within the 90-day allotted time period, they will be sent back to their home country at that time. Should you require assistance, please contact an immigrant attorney.

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