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Employment Authorization Eligibility

When an individual is in the United States and wishes to be legally employed, they will have to obtain an Employment Authorization Document. Of course, in order to apply for employment documents, one must meet the eligibility criteria outlined by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. There are three categories that an eligible person may fall into, including:

  • Category 1: An individual may be authorized to work in the United States due to their status
  • Category 2: An individual may be authorized to work in the United States for only a specific employer due to their nonimmigrant status
  • Category 3: An individual may be authorized to work in the United States if they are in a category that requires them to request work authorization

In order to become legally employed, the United States requires certain documentation from certain groups of people, such as:

  • Lawful Permanent Residents will have to show their Green Card (or Permanent Resident Card)
  • Asylees will have to show either their Employment Authorization Document, an I-94 that indicates authorization for employment, or an unrestricted Social Security Card
  • Refugees and certain nonimmigrant visa holders can show their Form I-94
  • Finally, the majority of other individuals will simply need to obtain an Employment Authorization Document in order to prove that they have been authorized for employment in the United States

If you have questions about obtaining an Employment Authorization Document or need help determining your eligibility to become legally employed, contact our firm today.

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