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Employment Immigration Options

There are options available for non-United States citizens to enter into the country due to an employment opportunity. In order to go through this complicated process, the advisement of an attorney is suggested. They can help guide you through the matter to find which visa will best suit your situation. This will make it legal for you to enter the country and start working.

Before entering into the country, a work permit needs to be granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Some foreign nations can fill out a I-765 form. This application will request permission to work in the United States. If granted access, this will allow you to stay in the U.S. for a limited period of time while you continue to work. It is important to remember that this form grants access only for a specific period of time. A common temporary work visa is the H-1B visa.

Another type of work visa is the L-1 visa. This visa is different from other ones because it is reserved for an employee in a specific position. These types of visas are only for immigrants who are taking on a managerial or executive role. The individuals could also be using this visa if they are equipped with essential or expert knowledge.

Investor visas are another type of employment opportunity for those who want to enter into the United States. They allow investors to enter into the U.S. to be self-employed. These visas facilitate trade between the U.S. and treaty countries. If you are granted access to this visa, you can bring your family into the country with you as well. This will put your family in the same category as you when you are admitted into the U.S. Also, it will make your family eligible for employment authorization while the investor visa is in effect. These E-1 and E-2 visas last 5 years and may be renewed every 5 years if you continue to qualify for it.

Temporary work visas are another option for employees. These have some more restrictions on them. They allow immigrants to enter into the country for a limited capacity and a limited period of time. Some of these temporary visas only allow the employee to work for one employer, enterprise or company. However, other ones will allow you to work for any employer.

If you and your employer both find an interest in changing your status to a lawful resident of the United States, a PERM visa may be an option for you. This will grant you a green card, allowing you to live and work in the U.S. without a specific period of time stated.

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