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Can I Help A Loved One If They Are Detained by ICE?

In the event a family member or friend is encountered or detained by ICE, Immigration, Customs and Enforcement, you should contact an experienced immigration attorney to discuss the various options that may be available in removal defense. Depending on the circumstances, a loved one may be able to have a defense from being deported from the United States. These issues must be carefully discussed and evaluated by an experienced immigration attorney.

When a family member or loved one is detained by ICE it is, of course, going to be a very stressful time in that person’s life but depending on their situation, there may be ways to put a stop to their removal. There are a few defenses that they may be able to bring up in immigration court to determine whether or not there is any chance they will not be removed from the United States. The first one is known as the 10-year law. If a person has unlawfully been in the U.S. for at least ten years, they may be granted permanent residency status or a Green Card. This provision can be utilized if they fall under other qualifications including if they have had good moral character during the time that they were here and that they can show extreme hardship if they were to leave the United States.

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