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What Should I Know About The Consular Process?

Consular Processing is the procedure that an applicant must go through in order to receive an immigrant visa to come to the United States. Consular Processing is used in many situations but normally applies to people who are at or abroad in order to enter the United States. Initially, applications are filed in the United States and handled by USCIS. Thereafter, once approved, the applications are transferred to what is known as the National Visa Center. The Nations Visa Center is part of the US Department of State and handles all preliminary paperwork before a case is sent to a US Embassy for an immigrant visa.

The National Visa Center is in charge of collecting fees, in charge of collecting documentation, and scheduling an eventual immigrant visa interview overseas. Once the case is completed, the National Visa Center transfers the completed case to a US Embassy where an interview will take place to determine the eligibility for an immigrant visa to enter the United States. Should you require assistance with Consular Processing, please contact an experienced immigration attorney.

There are eight steps that need to be taken in order to go through the Consular Processing procedure. These include determining which category of immigrant a person falls into, filing the immigrant petition, the waiting period for a decision by the USCIS, wait for notification from the National Visa Center, have an appointment to determine your eligibility, receive a grant for a visa and finally, receive your Green Card.

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