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How can I apply for a green card?

How can I apply for a green card?

When an individual wishes to come to the United States as a legal resident, they will have to apply for a Green Card. There are many ways in which they can obtain a green card but they must be eligible for one in order to apply. Some of the eligibility categories include the following:

  • green card through employment
  • green card through family
  • green card as a special immigrant
  • green card through refugee or asylee status
  • green card for human trafficking and crime victims
  • green card for victims of abuse
  • green card through other categories
  • green card through registry

Of course, each of these eligibility categories has sub-categories within to help an individual determine whether they meet the criteria to obtain a green card. For example, the sub-categories for employment eligibility include the following:

  • An immigrant worker with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business or athletics (among many other classifications)
  • Is eligible for a physician national interest waiver
  • Is an immigrant investor

It is important to discuss your eligibility with an experienced immigration attorney. Contact our firm today.

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