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Do I need a visa to visit the United States?

The United States receives millions of international visitors each year. It is important that when a foreign national is planning a trip to the United States, they file for a visitor visa in order to visit the country legally. If not, that person will not be permitted to travel within the United States. When you apply for your visa, it will be classified by the reason for your travel. You will have to show evidence that you intend on returning to your home country and that you can pay for the cost of your trip to the United States.

You will be required to provide documentation such as your Passport, your Nonimmigrant Visa Application, your visa application payment, and a printed photograph. It is important that you bring these to your visa interview. At your visa interview, an immigration officer will decide if it is appropriate for your visa application to be approved. That officer will also determine what category your travel visa will fall into, depending on why you are taking your trip. Be aware that you will be fingerprinted at the time of your interview. Depending on which country you are from, you may be required to pay a fee when your visa gets approved. Finally, if you enter the United States on a travel visa and wish to extend your stay, you must apply for an extension before your initial travel visa expires.

If you have questions or concerns regarding obtaining a visa to travel to the United States, it may be helpful to consult with the United States Bureau of Consular Affairs or an experienced immigration attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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