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United States Immigration Law Changes

The United States has recently released important information in policy changes regarding immigration. It is crucial that foreign national with a U.S. visa become aware of the changes that have been made. President Trump’s Executive Order states that foreign nationals from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, and Yemen may not obtain visas of any type until further notice. In addition, any visas that are currently issued to nationals of the aforementioned countries will be suspended.

If you a national from any of the affected countries and you have an appointment with a visa officer scheduled, it is important that you call the U.S. Department of State and cancel your appointment. In addition, there are many fees associated with obtaining a visa. Do not pay the fees associated with applying for a visa because it will ultimately not be issued. This piece of legislation has been highly contested and was put in place very recently. If you believe you may be impacted by this legislation, you should keep an eye on the news and announcements from the Government in regards to this law.

There are a few exemptions for foreign nationals of the countries that are facing immigration restrictions. These can include those who have dual nationality between one of the restricted countries and a country that is not facing any immigration restrictions. For example, if you hold dual citizenship between Iran and the United Kingdom, you may be able to obtain a United States visa because of your U.K. citizenship. Other exemptions include any national of the restricted countries who is traveling on behalf of NATO, or if you are an immigrant from a restricted country into Canada.

If you have questions about how the new law may impact your immigration status, contact an experienced immigration attorney who can answer any questions.

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