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USCIS Closes Offices Until April 7

As of March 18, 2020, USCIS announced that it will be closing its offices to the public. Though initially, USCIS said that offices would be closed until April 1, they now recently extended office closures until at least April 7, 2020, as we have yet come to grips with the new coronavirus. As such, you should note that all in-person services at USCIS field offices, asylum offices, and Application Support Centers are now suspended. That being said, the USCIS Contact Center is still open to handle immigration-related emergencies.

If you have a scheduled appointment or naturalization ceremony before April 7, it is not canceled, and USCIS asylum offices have begun sending out interview cancellation notices. These appointments will all be rescheduled at a later date, of which USCIS will notify you through the mail.

If USCIS does end up reopening on April 7, you should know that all Application Support Center appointments that were initially canceled because of the coronavirus will send you the date of your rescheduled appointment. Additionally, if you have InfoPass, you must reschedule your appointment via the USCIS Contact Center when it reopens.

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