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Will I Qualify For a Stimulus Check if I am Not an American Citizen?

Almost all of us have had our lives significantly impacted by the new coronavirus. Unfortunately, many small businesses are suffering, many employees have lost their jobs, and more, as a result of the spread of COVID-19. Because of these drastic conditions. Congress has recently passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill to help those who have been affected, known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). If you are a non-citizen, please read on and reach out to our knowledgeable New Jersey immigration attorney to learn more about the bill and whether you will qualify for the stimulus relief check.

What does the CARES Act do?

With the new CARES Act in place, many of those who have suffered financial loss as a result of the virus will now receive a one-time cash rebate of $1,200 for economic relief. However, not everyone will receive this money. To qualify for this rebate, you will have to meet the following criteria:

The CARES Act permits certain people to receive financial relief in the form of a $1,200 one-time cash rebate. However, you must meet certain criteria before receiving such relief. The criteria are as follows:

  • You must have an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less on you most recently filed tax return
  • Married couples with a yearly combined income of $150,000 or less will receive $2,400
  • Qualifying children 16 years old or younger will allow families to receive an additional $500 rebate
  • Married couples earning $198,000 or more will not qualify for a rebate
  • Couples who earn between $150,000 and $198,000 may receive a rebate less than $2,400
  • If you are a single adult who currently makes more than $99,000, you will not receive the cash rebate.
  • If you are someone who makes between 75,000 and $99,000 there is a chance that you will receive a one-time rebate, albeit only a portion of the $1,200

Can a non-citizen get a stimulus check?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question, in most cases, is now. To qualify for the $1,200 rebate, you will need a valid Social Security Number, which means that those with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers will not qualify. Furthermore, “Nonresident Aliens” will also not qualify for the stimulus rebate. You will be considered a nonresident alien unless:

  • You have a U.S. green card 
  • You can satisfy the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)’s “substantial presence” test for the calendar year by being physically present in the United States for 31 days minimum during the current tax year and at least 183 days during the last three tax years.

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