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What is a 3 & 10 Year Bar?

There are few things worse than living in the United States, only to one day be denied reentry after leaving. Please continue reading and speak with our New Jersey immigration attorney to learn more about 3 & 10-year bar waivers and how our firm can help you receive one. Here are some of the questions you may have regarding the legal process ahead:

How does someone receive a 3 or 10-year bar from the United States?

Individuals who were in the United States illegally for over 180 days but less than one year will most likely receive a 3-year bar from the United States if they are caught leaving the country voluntarily. If you left the country voluntarily as an illegal immigrant and you wish to return now, there is a very good chance that you may find yourself unable to do so for 3 years. Additionally, if you were in the United States for over one year and left voluntarily, you will most likely face a 10-year bar upon your attempt to return to the United States at a later date. There is a very good chance that this will affect your adjustment of status. That being said, in certain cases, you may request a waiver.

What is a bar waiver?

There are various circumstances that may warrant you receiving a bar waiver, though they all relate to what is known as “extreme hardship.” Some of the circumstances that may warrant your bar to be lifted are as follows:

  • You can prove that your spouse or parent is ill and requires your assistance
  • Your spouse or parent requires financial assistance from your job here in the United States
  • Your spouse or parent has debts that require your financial support from your job in the United States to pay off
  • Your spouse or parent has an ill family member that needs your assistance and without it, they may not make it

That being said, to prove that an extreme hardship truly exists, you will have to obtain personal statements from impacted family members. You may also have to back your statement up with financial information, medical documents, and more. You may also have to write your own statement supporting their claim. You will begin the waiver process by filing the waiver in your home country. Our firm can help.

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