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What to Know About the Fiancé Visa Process

If you are a United States citizen who is engaged to a non-citizen, you are likely looking to bring your fiancé to the United States to marry them and allow them to become a United States citizen. Your fiancé will be required to obtain a K-1 visa which is also referred to as a fiancé visa. Once your fiancé obtains a K-1 visa, you must marry them within 90 days of them entering the country. if you fail to do so, they will have to leave the country within 30 days. To learn more about this process and how our Lyndhurst fiancé visa attorney can assist you, continue reading and contact our firm. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Do I qualify for a fiancé visa?

The most important thing you must prove to qualify for a K-1 visa is that you have known your future spouse for at least two years before filing. This is to avoid United States citizens marrying others for the wrong reasons. You will have to prove when you met in an I-129F. You will also have to have a background check conducted after the completion of the paperwork.

What is the fiancé visa process like?

If the visa is approved, the fiancé will have to go through a process where they must obtain a medical examination and an interview in their native country. The interview process is a crucial step. The consumer will be determining if the marriage is legitimate and whether the K-1 visa should be issued.

The consular will ask your foreign fiancé for information about your life to be sure that you truly know each other. This may include questions regarding your family history, employment, past marriages, and more. They will also ask questions to ensure that your fiancé is serious about the marriage and if they have good moral character.

The consular will also ask them the following:

  • Their name
  • Their age
  • Whether they have ever been to the United States before
  • Whether they have any relatives living in the United States
  • Whether they have children
  • Whether they have ever been married before
  • Whether they will become a public charge at any point.

If you are looking to receive a K-1 visa, it is important that you retain the services of our Lyndhurst family & individual immigration law firm.

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