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Who can face removal proceedings?

Citizens of the United States have the luxury of traveling in and out of the country without having to worry about being questioned about their citizenship. For those who are not citizens, they must have some kind of approval to be in the country. This approval may be through a visa or another document that gives them the right to enter and remain in the country. If they enter the country without legal documentation, they may face removal proceedings. These proceedings can be emotional for some people since it could cause them to leave behind their families. It may also deport them back to a country that is in turmoil and where they may be put in danger. Whether their country is in a state of war or suffering from a lack of resources that leaves people struggling each day, they may be burdened with going back to their home country. This can cause a lot of stress on an individual. While it may take some time to acquire a visa or legal entry into the country, it is worth it in the end. The individual will be able to come and go into the country as they please. However, they may have to follow certain restrictions on their visa or legal document. It is important to go over the details of your status in the country.

Can I be granted asylum?

By getting approved for asylum, some individuals that are from other countries can be allowed to remain in the United States. This can allow them to stay in the United States instead of returning back to their home country where they may not be safe. Individuals that want to stay in the country due to asylum may be given this opportunity. If they are facing removal proceedings, they are still able to apply for asylum. They may be terrified of returning to a country filled with war and hate that can put them in danger. This can be referred to as defensive process since applicants will have to defend themselves from removal from the United States. People may be removed from the country if they commit crimes of moral turpitude that are seen as out of the norms of society.

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