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I Am From Canada. Can I Work In The United States?

Most Canadian citizens are eligible for an immigration status known as TN status. Also, Mexican citizens are eligible for TN status as well. The TN status is derived from the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA. There are certain specific qualifications that apply to Canadians, as well as Mexicans, in order to be granted TN status. Once a person receives TN status, they are eligible to work in the United States for an employer. To determine whether you are eligible for TN status, please contact an immigration attorney to discuss your qualifications.

Your eligibility may be valid to apply as a TN NAFTA nonimmigrant if you are a citizen of either Mexico or Canada, are a qualified profession under the NAFTA guidelines, have already arranged a job with an employer located in the United States and are qualified to preform that job. Canadian citizens must also prove their Canadian citizenship but are not required to apply for a TN visa. At the United States border, a Canadian citizen hoping to achieve TN status must prove their citizenship and also have a letter from their employer in the United States outlining your position and qualifications. Your initial stay in the United States can be up to three years but can be extended with an I-129 form and you are able to leave at any time prior to the end of your three years in the country.

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