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2/3 of USCIS Employees Will Be Furloughed | What This May Mean For You

USCIS employees recently received a notice that around 2/3 of their staff are to be furloughed by August 30 of this year. For many immigration advocates and immigrants themselves, this is very concerning, however, the Trump Administration has stated that the furlough is simply due to Congress’s failure to reach a new coronavirus deal.

That being said, USCIS employees are tasked with providing immigrants with several immigration-related services, including administering visas and green cards, which are often a path to citizenship. For this very reason, immigration activists across the country believe that this is yet another attempt by the Trump Administration to thwart immigration in the United States.

In an interview with Forbes, Doug Rand, someone who worked on immigration policy within the Obama Administration, has outlined a wide array of immigration-related matters that he feels will be directly affected by the furloughing of 2/3 of USCIS’s employees.

To start, he said that the furlough will affect millions of immigrants who will be applying for green cards and temporary work visas, as well as those who are looking to have their green cards/work visas renewed. Simply put, if there is no one there do renew the applications, how can the individuals who need renewing continue to live in the United States? Additionally, Rand stated that DACA recipients across the United States will most likely also feel the impact of the furlough, as they, too, will probably be unable to renew their permits. Lastly, as over 156,000 married couples currently require a final interview with USCIS to achieve permanent residence here in the United States, they may also risk deportation if they cannot schedule an interview.

Of course, as of now, we do not entirely know how this move by the Trump Administration will affect immigration in the United States, however, we can only expect the worst. That is why if you are someone whose immigration status is currently in limbo, or you are otherwise concerned about how this furlough may affect your, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give our experienced New Jersey immigration attorney a call today. Our firm has been dedicated to assisting immigrants in need, and we always will be.

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