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Can I travel outside the U.S. After Applying Or Receiving A Green card?

Traveling outside the U.S. after applying for a green card or getting your green card can be difficult unless you make sure you have completed the correct documents. Form I-131 is the Application for Travel Document that is used to apply for three types of travel documents.

The three types of travel documents are: 

  • Advance Parole –  This document is used to authorize temporary parole of a person into the United States, it is most commonly used when someone has Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status, pending.
    • May be accepted by a transportation company
    • Does not replace your passport
    • If you are a asylum applicant with a pending 1-589 and intend on traveling outside the U.S. you must apply for and receive advance parole.
    • Advance parole does not guarantee reentry to the U.S.
  • Refugee Travel Document – This document is issued to a person who has been granted refugee or asylum status, or permanent resident who obtained a green card because they were a refugee or asylee.
    • If you are these status’ you must obtain a refugee travel document before leaving the U.S.
    • If you do not obtain one you may not be allowed to re-eneter the U.S.
  • Re-Entry Permit – This permit allows a permanent or conditional resident to apply for admission to the U.S. upon returning from abroad during the permit’s validity.
    • This is without having to obtain a returning resident visa from a U.S. Embassy or consulate
    • Permanent or conditional residents should apply for a re-entry permit if they will be outside the U.S. for one year or more.

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