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Delays in Naturalization Process Effect Voting

The upcoming 2016 election will likely going to go down in history as the most controversial presidential election in the United States. One of the most popular topics discussed by the candidates is the future of immigration in our country. As a result, the number of people applying for citizen status in the country has skyrocketed so they can secure their future in America without concern. These high rates of naturalization applications have caused a delay in many immigration offices because they cannot keep up with the demand. In fact, many people who have successfully completed the application process and now only need to attend the naturalization ceremony have faced delays. These delays have made it so thousands of people who should have officially become citizens in September are still waiting for their swearing-in ceremony to take place. In many cases, this caused them to miss the voter registration deadline and therefore, they will not be able to cast their vote in the upcoming presidential election and will have to wait four years.

Having the right to vote for who you think best suits the future of the country is a coveted American tradition and civic duty. Much of the reason that so many people immigrate to America is because of the freedoms that we are granted. Unfortunately, that dream will not come true for many people due to the delays in the immigration system that caused them to miss voter registration deadline.

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